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Pythouse Kitchen Garden

This enchanting 18th Century walled garden is a truly unique and magical place. Stroll around the garden, pick your own fruit and flowers, enjoy our scrumptious home-grown menu. This comes high on our list of local recommendations.

Pythouse Kitchen Garden – View Website here…


Within the pretty Victorian brick walls of PKG lies a secret garden paradise – including two acres of beautiful informal planting, bountiful flower beds and a large working kitchen garden. They supply their restaurant with fresh seasonal produce but also welcome visitors who come to stock their own homes with edible goodies and wonderful mixed bouquets of flowers.


They Serve delicious seasonal dishes inspired by what’s available in the garden and using herbs, fruit and vegetables picked that day. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 9am until 5pm and for atmospheric candlelit suppers on Friday and Saturday nights.  
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